Art comes easy to NEBO!

Easiness, an intense desire and a clear display of sincerity are some of the main qualities that this artist displays and which effortlessly attract the viewer to his works. 

For an artist of no formal training, he has developed a clear and distinct want for an aesthetic which grew from within in an astonishing 5 year period. At first glance one can get lost in the debate of style, whether the action painting which he offers  is unique or even pushes the boundaries. 

The answers is short, sharp and explicit. 

NO! NEBO does nothing of this sort. 

In his body of work he has chosen to show himself as he is, not a pretender, not to be someone who is not. NEBO is no IMPOSTOR,  make no mistake, although many will scramble for that name in order to judge his work. Label aficionados will do so misguidedly, without setting foot in the exhibitions or without looking at the carefree display of color, the intentional musicality and the potent arrangement of the vastly colorful yet stark blues, greens, grey and blacks. 


In hi body of work, one is invited to see the paintings and only the paintings as they are, without thinking too much and worrying about NEBO. He, in his courageous management of the emanating colors, has achieved that, which many trained artists forgo after some time, the continual struggle for more and in the process create a body of work worth sharing with the world. 

Arber Kadia